Internal Audit Advisory

Internal Audit Advisory

An organization’s internal audit function only functions properly if there is clear added value. The value of internal auditing lies in:

  • Obtaining independent assurance about whether business processes are optimally controlled.
  • Contribution to organizational goal achievement.
  • Functioning as a “tool of management” that meets the requirements of good corporate governance and risk management.
  • The dissemination of “good practices” within an organization.
  • Being a catalyst for implementing organizational improvements.

How to increase the added value(s) of internal auditing? There is no “one size fits all” for this. Every organization is unique, and an internal audit function should be tailored to the organization. We are the advisory firm you need. The ‘style’ of internal audit must fit, and expertise and work must be tailored to the needs of the organization.

In the field of Internal Audit Advisory, FSV Risk Advisory can support you with:

  • Specific/specialized internal auditing assignments
  • Designing and setting up an internal audit function
  • Identifying and implementing quality improvements within your Internal Audit function (Quality Improvement)
  • Implementing Data Analytics and Process Mining within Internal Audit
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