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Contribute to good internal control of organizations and thus support the long-term value creation of organizations and its stakeholders.

We like to help organizations to stay relevant: now and in the future.


Society is a context in which you as an individual work together with other people: employees, customers, companies and governments. In order to realize a long-term existence of this solidarity, we must have a good understanding of the threats and opportunities that this society offers. FSV Risk Advisory wants companies, governments and their employees to deal optimally and with integrity with the management of risks and optimization of opportunities, so that we as a society – organization, customer, employee and individual – benefit from this.

FSV Risk Advisory contributes to the above by providing knowledge, experience, customized advice and hands-on support to organizations and their employees. Projects vary from ad-hoc assignments to long-term partnerships where we help operational companies to better manage risks and optimize opportunities, in order to achieve its organizational objectives.

In our view, an organization must ensure good control without restricting the healthy entrepreneurial spirit. Be critical when it matters and take calculated risks when you can. Profit is a reward for taking risks and maximizing opportunities. A good return therefore requires a clear view of threats and opportunities. With good measures to control these threats and seize opportunities. For us, risk management is not an obligation, but an opportunity for distinctiveness.

We don’t do this because we must, but because it matters!



The business model of FSV Risk Advisory ensures that all expertise is available to optimally manage risks. We have a solid “backbone” of partners who cover the basic needs of every customer, but also a flexible layer of experts who share the same standards, values and vision and can be deployed independently.

This backbone of consultants ensures that every assignment from FSV Risk Advisory is carried out with the same quality. The flexible layer is staffed by experts who have the right knowledge and experience that a customer needs. This allows us to carry out every assignment on the basis of a tailor-made approach.

Our distinguishing factors:

  • We only work with specialists
  • We offer customization
  • We are an independent and committed service provider

One of the things that sets us apart is that we only work with experienced professionals, who have on average more than 10 years of work experience in consultancy or business and have at least 6 years of relevant work experience. Each of these professionals has developed in their own area of expertise and has specialist knowledge. We therefore have more senior consultants than other consultancy firms.

We understand our customers and their business. We can respond quickly to the demand and adapt our services to the specific needs of the customer. Thanks to our large network of professionals with diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experience, we always find the best match.

In addition, our professionals have gained knowledge and experience in a varying organizations, industries and (corporate) cultures. They can therefore easily adapt to a changing environment and working method, without losing sight of the intended end result.

Committed service provider
Sincere interest in you and your organization is of paramount importance to us. Whether we provide operational support, carry out special assignments or think along about concepts at the highest level: understanding and interest in your business is essential.

How does this come to expression? The associate partners of FSV Risk Advisory are actively involved in the assignment and our consultants have no personal sales targets. They are involved and deliver quality based on genuine interest. We always strive for long-term value creation: we are looking for sustainable solutions and improvements that can benefit our clients.

Now and in the future!

FSV Risk Advisory helps organizations manage their risks

Our team

FSV Risk Advisory has a large network of risk advisory experts supported by associate partners, each with their own area of expertise. Our consultants have the right knowledge and experience, with which we help organizations to gain (even more) control over their business operations. We understand the needs of our clients, we offer solution-oriented services, and create clear added value. We have experience in a variety of industries, enabling us to offer solutions in all risk-related areas. That is why we are the “partner in business” in the Risk Advisory domain for the (senior) management of various larger companies in the Netherlands.


FSV Risk Advisory was founded in 2012 and is an independent specialized service provider in the field of Risk Advisory Services. We serve our clients from our offices (Zaltbommel and Amsterdam) in the Netherlands and through our broad (international) network.

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